The Hardie Park subway mural that was fire damaged at the end of last year has been repaired this week.

Massive thanks goes to:

  • The talented artist, John Bulley who provided his time free of charge,
  • Trevor Hutchinson, Head of Planning at DP World London Gateway who funded and arranged the repair.
  • Henderson and Taylor who provided the traffic management for the subway closure on short notice and free of charge.
  • The ladies in the café who kept John topped up with tea and provided him with a bucket and cleaning equipment whilst re-creating the artwork.

Trevor Hutchinson, Head of Planning at DPWLG, said ‘I had opportunity to pop into the café and love the new seating area with the log burner. The whole park was also buzzing with activity and it’s so nice to see how much its improved since FOHP became involved.’

Aah thanks Trevor! Now the subway entrance to the park is spick and span too. Thank you for arranging and over-seeing the repair, it looks amazing.