Press Coverage

28th September 2020 Thurrock Nub News

A fond farewell ahead for Rob as he sets off for France

28th September 2020 Your Thurrock

Hardie Park community champion hands over the reins

2nd July 2020 Thurrock Nub News

Hardie Park helps key workers get back on their bikes

2nd July 2020 Your Thurrock

The Big Bike Revival – Free servicing for Key workers

10th June 2020 Your Thurrock

Hardie Park’s Dogtopia still raises money for charity

30th May 2020 Your Thurrock

Hardie Park’s Cycle Hub Project bags £1166

19th May 2020 Thurrock Independent

Park project is in the money as it bags a grant from Tesco

22nd March 2020

Hardie Park makes decision to close following govt guidelines – COVID19

24th February 2020 Thurrock Nub News (Thurrock Independent)

Friends’ Fridge Scheme set for launch

24th February 2020 Your Thurrock

Friends of Hardie Park launch first community fridge in Thurrock

11th February 2020 Your Thurrock

Stanford Cycle Campaigner on the road to recovery

19th October 2019 The Thurrock Independent

Spooky Spectacular

26th July 2019 Your Thurrock

Super guy raises cash for super slide

14th June 2019

Dogtopia was big success

11th June 2019

Community Sports Day

1st April 2019 The Thurrock Independent

Hardie Park Easter Egg Hunt set to be a cracking day out

1st April 2019 Your Thurrock

Easter Egg hunt set to be a cracking day out

28th March 2019 The Enquirer

Park groups want ‘Friends’

25th March The Thurrock Independent

Friends getting together in the parks .

March 2019 The Thurrock Independent page 10

Clubs help for slide project

26th February 2019 Your Thurrock

Quiz raises funds for popular Hardie park

16th February 2019 Your Thurrock

Half-term activities at Hardie Park

15th January Your Thurrock

Come along to the Hardie Park AGM

27th October 2018

The bicycles of Hardie Park

20th September Thurrock Independent page 4

Drop-in service is to launch at Hardie Park – Reach Out for Mental Health

18th September Your Thurrock

There is someone to reach out to at Hardie Park

13th September Thurrock Independent page 24

Shedders bidding to build on success:

11th September Your Thurrock

Classic Cars at Hardie Park as part of Men’s Shed Project

23rd July 2018 Your Thurrock

27th June 2018 Your Thurrock

21st June 2018 Your Thurrock

20th May 2018 Your Thurrock

13 April 2018 Thurrock Independent

11th April 2018 Your Thurrock

3rd April 2018 Your Thurrock

23rd March 2018 Thurrock Independent

22nd March 2018 Your Thurrock

21st March 2018 Thurrock Independent

20th March 2018 Thurrock Gazette

15th March 2018 Thurrock Independent

14th March 2018

11th March 2018 Thurrock Independent

21st February 2018 Your Thurrock

17th January 2018 Your Thurrock

14th January 2018  Thurrock Independent

11th January 2018 Your Thurrock

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2nd August 2017 Your Thurrock

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