Me – in the wee hours

For the third time in as many nights I am up in the small hours of the morning, working on some of the practicalities of running a Cafe in the park…Do you know what woke me up this time? The smell of fresh coffee! I’m not kidding, I must have been dreaming of making our customers a latte or a cappuccino with our amazing new coffee machine!  It stayed with me for at least an hour, I even had to check I hadn’t accidentally turned on my own espresso machine 🙂

Despite the disappointment of missing sleep, I have realised (4 hours later) how excited I have been the last few days since we have experimented with a “soft” opening of the cafe – and that excitment is spreading.  We have had several volunteer applications in the past week and the number of likes on our Facebook page has shot throught the roof!

This morning (well in 4 hours time) we will be offering food for the very first time – bacon and egg rolls and cheese toasties!  So if you are free, come down and enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast and coffee (of course) on our decking in the spring sunshine, I guarantee it’ll be enough to get you excited!

Rob x