COVID-19 has really challenged us all.  After Lockdown 1, the trustees worked on a plan to re-open. WE DID IT, for a short while with the Takeout, then a semi-normal cafe service. We were on the cusp of offering our clubs the use of our back room for groups of 6. Then crash, bang, wallop, Lockdown 2 then Lockdown 3 close on its heels.

We miss your company, we miss the buzz of community life. As soon as we are able, the plan will come together again. Let’s keep safe, be patient, stay connected and good things will come.

One positive announcement this week is that the pop-up shop will now be operating from the park. Yay, a focus for our volunteers and a semblance of normality for our much loved operation.

Contact details: Hardie Park Cafe, Hardie Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. SS17 0PB Phone: Café direct – 07935 868835 Email: Twitter: Facebook: