After the cancellation of The London Marathon 2020 the organisers of the biggest UK’s mass participation sports events came together to create the #twopointsixchallenge inspiring the nation to SAVE UK CHARITIES. Like us, many charities cancelled fundraising events and closed their doors due to the COVID-19 restrictions which will impact many projects futures.

Chris Meads and Matt Adams both rose to the 2.6 challenge. Matt, self confessed, not an athlete, chose to run a full marathon over the course of a week. Chris created a frivolous challenge which involved raising a glass containing a 26ml measure of Lidl’s  Reverie French Napoleon Brandy, from a height of approx 26 cm’s… and downed it in exactly 2.6 seconds with his 26/26 vision eyes wide shut.

A whopping £370 raised in total.

You both deserve a cheer for your efforts, and a thank you goes out to those of you who supported and donated!