fhc at hardieAnother scorcher of a day.

Today we played host to a local church congregation called Fresh Hope Community who meet at Victoria Road Chapel.  They met together for a barbecue, so we put up a few shelters, lit the barbie and had a splendid afternoon.

It was great to show quite a few of them around the building and explain our project and what we were hoping to achieve, a couple even showed interest in joining us as volunteers!

Every day we are there we get some hula hoops and toys out for any children to play on and it was wonderful to see them giving each other tractor rides up and down the path.

As promised today I have added a gallery of photos (including one of our first celebrity visitor) from just before the building arrived, when Alex from Stack London and his team prepared the ground for footings right up until the blinds were installed on Friday (Sorry I haven’t got any photos of the blinds themselves yet!)

I’m hoping this week to take a big step forward with some funds being received into the account and some progress on the water connection.  I’ve also been contacted this weekend by another possible financial supporter, so watch this space!

Enjoy the photos and I will check in with you all tomorrow!  (Doh! they uploaded in reverse order!!!! grrr)

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