herebedragonsA slightly meaningful slant on things tonight me thinks…

Recently I have begun to notice a certain competition creeping into the language and practice of some very well meaning volunteers in our town and even in our own project.  It seems strange to me that altruism or the good that we do should be compared to another’s – but I guess it is part of our nature.

I often say, and hopefully demonstrate (as talk is cheap) my gratitude to all and every person who gives Friends of Hardie Park 10 minutes or 10 months of their time, for me there is no competition, just co-operation.  I have seen how 10 minutes of someone’s precious time and invaluable skills have saved effort or money or more importantly (to me) my own time.

So to those who have been perusing my recent ramblings, ask yourself the question – Who are you competing with that you could be co-operating with?

Deep stuff for a Thursday from me I know.

Rob 🙂