February pinned on noticeboard

Building due to open in February!?

Maybe you’ve heard it once or twice already but Happy New Year… We really do hope that 2016 is a great year for you. I know that for some 2015 has been both good and bad, life seems to have a way of lifting us high then throwing us down again, but hey, that’s life…as Country singer Lynn Anderson (who sadly died last year) wrote, “I never promised you a rose garden” but amongst the thorns there are things of stunning beauty and we like to think of Hardie Park as one of those. There have been times when it has been a less than pleasant place to be, but with our care, attention and love it is becoming more and more beautiful by the day.

I want to say a couple of thank yous at this point, to all of those who helped with our clear out day last week, to Julie, Vicki and Dean for planting some bulbs and to Kevin for trimming some of the bushes. THANK YOU.

The greatest news that I have to share is that the water works are starting on 18th January and we could have flowing H2O by 26th!!

For that reason we are working towards opening the building in February – just in time for the beginning of the Skatepark works ???? – and for that we need to start having those conversations with our volunteers about what they would like to be doing on a regular basis when the Cafe and building is fully operational…

Some of you have told us already and we will be in touch, some of you maybe haven’t decided yet and others reading this don’t know that we exist because of our volunteers and maybe would like to be involved! So please if you would like to join the team and be a part of Friends of Hardie Park and all of the exciting developments planned for 2016, please get in touch via our website or Facebook page.

Here’s to an amazing 2016! Cheers!

Rob x